Mobile Application Development (mobdev) is an experimental course at Olin College offered by Mark L. Chang. See our exploits from last year, Most everything for 2010 is located in the blog.

The Course

The objective of the course is to investigate the mobile landscape through the lenses of design, entrepreneurship, and engineering. In the final project for the course, students will work in teams to develop commercially viable Android applications. We draw inspiration for this course from Hal Abelson’s Building Mobile Applications at MIT, Stanford’s CS 193P iPhone Application Programming, and Maneesh Agrawala’s CS160 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction at Berkeley.

The Idea

This course aims to offer an experience at the intersection between design, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Mobile Application Development leverages required coursework at Olin in software design, user-oriented design, and business and entrepreneurship, and applies these concepts in the mobile space. Technically, students will be learning about all aspects of the Google Android platform and SDK. Students, through Design, will engage in ideation, user study, and lightweight rapid prototyping. Using Entrepreneurship, students will unpack the mobile market space to find points of opportunity.

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